Layer3 to launch in Denver ‘soon,’ perhaps as early as later this year, report says

Layer3 TV CEO Jeff Binder told his hometown paper that his so-called “next-generation cable service” will launch in Denver “soon” — perhaps later this year. 

The operator is headquartered in Denver, and is currently posting help-wanted ads for installers in Denver, Chicago, Houston and Washington.

Layer3, which recently migrated beyond its Texas-based testing markets and launched in Chicago over Labor Day weekend, is approaching entry into the pay-TV business by emphasizing improved customer service and experience. Its user interface, for example, is designed around search and discoverability. There’s a focus on providing HD channels, and 4K programming will soon be added. And its service technicians drive around in BMW i3s.

In fact, Layer3 Chief Content Officer Lindsay Gardner recently called the service — which will start out at $75 a month and include more than 200 channels — “concierge cable.”

“It’s a very competitive product,” Binder told the Denver Post. “It cuts across a fairly decent range of consumers, but it’s mostly consumers focused on having larger bundles as opposed to smaller bundles.”

Layer3 relocated from Boston to Denver in May 2014. The company received a $2.9 million job-growth incentive from the state of Colorado and according to the Post in exchange for creating 321 new jobs with an average salary of $92,083 a year. 

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