YouTube TV, Sinclair reach deal for 19 Fox Sports RSNs

YouTube TV and Sinclair have reached a deal for the streaming service to continue carrying some--but not all--the Fox Sports regional networks.

Sinclair confirmed today that YouTube TV will continue to carry 19 of its 21 Fox RSNs including Fox Sports Arizona, Fox Sports Florida, Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports North, Fox Sports Ohio, Fox Sports San Diego, Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Southwest, Fox Sports Southeast, Fox Sports Sun and SportsTime Ohio.

“We are pleased that YouTube TV was able to agree to terms on 19 of our RSNs and that they will continue to provide subscribers with access to some of the most in-demand sports networks in the nation,” said David Gibber, senior vice president and general counsel of Sinclair, in a statement. “Millions of fans across the country tune into sports content daily and, at Sinclair, our goal is to make this as widely accessible as possible.”

Sinclair’s Prime Ticket and Fox Sports West will no longer be carried on YouTube TV effective March 5, 2020.

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“We value our ongoing relationship with YouTube TV, however, we are deeply disappointed with its decision to not carry certain RSNs. We offered competitive market terms but, ultimately, YouTube TV declined,” said Gibber. “We encourage YouTube TV subscribers who value these RSNs to turn to other streaming services or their local cable or satellite provider for continued access, or to directly contact YouTube TV with feedback.”

While the majority of Sinclair’s RSNs made the cut at YouTube TV, the service did get rid of YES Network, the New York Yankees channel of which Sinclair is a partial owner.

“YouTube TV, for its own selfish reasons and with total disregard for its YES customers, has refused to pay the market rate and accept market terms and conditions that other YES distributors have agreed to. In fact, YouTube TV sought a rate that was well below what other YES distributors are paying, and because YES keeps its word to all of its distributors, it could not make the deal,” said YES Network in a statement. “When YouTube TV realized it could not get a sweetheart, below-market deal, it dropped the YES Network.”

It's unclear if YouTube TV will carry the Marquee Sports Network, Sinclair’s new TV network carrying Chicago Cubs games.