Why TiVo OS is Right for Consumers and OEMs

Not All Smart TVs are created equal, and some Smart TV OS makers are doing their best to keep it that way.

Around the world, Smart TVs – TVs that can connect to the internet to access streaming media and two-way content – are what consumers want.

This is why Smart TV sales are booming:  According to Grand View research, "The global smart TV market size was valued at USD $187.81 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% from 2022 to 2030."[1]

However, not all smart TVs are created equal. Some models that use proprietary Smart TV operating systems (OS) make it difficult for viewers to easily access all the streaming services that they want to see. That’s not the case with the TiVo OS, which aggregates these streaming services onto a single, easy-to-use universal channel guide.[2]

This is just one reason why TiVo OS is the right choice for Smart TV viewers and manufacturers alike. Powered by TiVo -- the company that revolutionized the way consumers enjoy and watch TV, with best-in-class technologies for millions of people around the world -- TiVo OS is an independent media platform that delivers all the benefits of Smart TVs to consumers and TV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) without the limits imposed by other Smart TV OS makers.

A Simpler Smart TV Experience for Consumers

As the trusted name in TV content curation and consumer access for decades, and based on the popular, pioneering TiVo digital video recorder and program guide that was introduced in 1999, TiVo knows what consumers want from their viewing experience.

Consumers are increasingly frustrated by the sheer volume of streaming services available, and as many as one-third of video subscribers want better discoverability across all subscriptions[3]. Smart TV’s Powered by TiVo provides an easy set-up and an intuitive user experience. It offers the ability to discover content across users’ favorite streaming apps and create universal watch lists, making it easy for people to find, watch and enjoy what they love. This is because TiVo is at the forefront of innovation, offering the latest technologies with best-in-class, natural voice navigation and uniquely customizable ways to enjoy TV.

These four key market differentiators make TiVo OS stand out for viewers:

·         Universal Discovery: You can enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience at home, seamlessly integrating, centralizing, and personalizing diverse content in a single, intuitive user interface. TiVo OS lets you effortlessly find your favorite content across all streaming services on an engaging, personalized media platform with unparalleled performance and quality. 

·         Intuitive Experience: You can combine live and streaming services in a simple, intuitive experience.

·         Content personalization and personalized recommendations: See what you love and get help finding more of it.

·         Choice: You can search, browse, and create watch lists across your favorite streaming services, with TiVo OS recommending new favorites.

All told, Powered by TiVo is revolutionizing the home entertainment experience for viewers by delivering the ultimate media platform – one that puts you first.

What TiVo Offers OEMs

For OEMs who want to build brand affinity, improve margins, and decrease time to market, TiVo OS provides a co-branded, rich content-first experience that enables subscriber acquisition and retention for content services. In fact, TiVo OS is purpose-built to foster partnerships and lifetime customer relationships, while delivering recurring revenue for its brands at scale, globally.  Yet TiVo OS licenses are free to its OEM partners.

Of course, TiVo is not the first Smart TV OS maker to offer its platform and channels to OEMs, sparing them the expense of it doing themselves. But it is the first to treat these OEMs as equal partners, which is not the case with Amazon, Google, or Roku.

TiVo lets its OEM partners put their brand names first, with the ‘Powered by TiVo’ tagline added after. Amazon, Google, and Roku require their partners to brand their products as “Fire TV”, “Android TV”, and “Roku”, with the OEMs’ all-important brand names getting lost in the promotional dust.

Finally, TiVo OS delivers an award-winning user experience that drives TV demand and viewership. By leveraging this company’s strong content relationships to enable its content-first approach with access to premium global and regional content along with TiVo+ channels. That’s a power OEMs can enjoy for themselves when they become TiVo OS partners.

The Bottom Line

For all of the reasons listed above, TiVo OS is the right Smart TV operating system for consumers and OEMs alike.

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