Evoca taps Commscope for ATSC 3.0-supported Android TV box

CommScope is working with Evoca, a live TV service that delivers channels via ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology and streaming, on a new hybrid Android TV set-top box.

CommScope’s new VIP7802-ATSC—which runs Android TV and includes integrated dual multimode ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 tuners—will be called Pilot by Evoca. In addition to deploying the Pilot set-top box in Evoca markets in early 2022, Evoca said it will offer the Pilot to partner broadcasters and others in ATSC 3.0 markets nationwide.

“Leveraging CommScope’s expertise to develop the innovative VIP7802-ATSC set top solution is enabling Evoca to offer a unique television and entertainment content offering,” said Ken Haase, vice president of product management at CommScope, in a statement. “Evoca will provide their subscribers with a solution that will enhance their viewing experience and will also deliver aggregated streaming content. We are excited to begin this partnership with Evoca.”

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Beginning in the first quarter of 2022, Pilot will be deployed to new subscribers on Evoca’s converged broadcast-broadband platform. Todd Achilles, president and CEO of Evoca, said his company uses ATSC 3.0 (or NextGenTV) to provide subscribers with better audio and video clarity. Evoca right now includes lineup of high-definition broadcast programming including the one of the only broadcast 4K channels in the U.S., as well as video-on-demand programming and apps, for approximately $50 per month.

“Evoca TV’s Pilot provides a cost-effective way to roll out our unique Next Gen TV service to subscribers as we launch in multiple television markets,” Achilles said in a statement. “CommScope’s technology combining Android TV with the new capabilities provided within the ATSC 3.0 standard, allows us to bring the best of streaming and broadcast together for our customers. This is also a significant advancement for the industry, and we intend to make a similar product available to other broadcasters.”

Evoca first launched last year in Boise, Idaho—where it has two TV stations—before adding Twin Falls, Idaho and plans to launch in Phoenix.