FuboTV integrates free games in its streaming platform, plans sports betting

The live TV streaming company fuboTV will take a couple of new features out of beta to coincide with the September window of the South American Qatar World Cup 2022 Qualifying matches (CONMEBOL). FuboTV has exclusive streaming rights to CONMEBOL through March 2022.

Starting September 2, the company will offer its free-to-play games and FanView live stats. Subscribers who stream CONMEBOL matches will be able to use FanView to monitor stats and scores next to and under a reduced-size video player. They’ll also be able to play free predictive games — all on one screen — using their remote control and without having to open another app.

Both free games and FanView can be toggled on or off.

FuboTV tested both features during the CONMEBOL live soccer matches in June. It found that subscribers watched fuboTV for up to 37% more minutes (depending on platform) than those who did not engage.

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Free-to-play games will be available on Android mobile, iOS mobile, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku and the web. FanView will be available on Android TV, Fire TV, LG TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One’s family of devices and the web. FuboTV expects to roll out both features on additional devices.

Players who engage with CONMEBOL matches in September will earn points for every question answered correctly on every match day (September 2, 5 and 9). Players compete to earn the most points and win the $1,000 prize, subject to applicable rules.

“We believe this will mark the first time any company has integrated live streaming television, free gaming and live stats within the same platform, on the big screen,” said David Gandler, co-founder and CEO of fuboTV, in a statement. 

Sports betting

FuboTV’s subsidiary Fubo Gaming expects to launch Fubo Sportsbook, a sports betting platform, in the fourth quarter of 2021, subject to obtaining requisite regulatory approvals.

“With free gaming and our upcoming Fubo Sportsbook real-money wagering app, we intend to deliver a truly interactive streaming experience, one that we expect will improve engagement and retention to fuboTV while also driving advertising revenue,” said Gandler.

FuboTV operates in the U.S., Canada and Spain.