Reddit teams with Tagboard to enable content sharing on TV

Reddit is partnering with Tagboard, a social media aggregation platform, to let TV channels incorporate Reddit content into their broadcasts.

The NFL Network and Tegna are among the broadcasters that will be working with Reddit, a social media and news aggregation service that counts more than 430 million monthly active users.

“In our ongoing transformation of local news, we are constantly seeking out the stories that matter most to our audience,” said Adam Ostrow, chief digital officer at Tegna, in a statement. “Our partnership with Reddit and Tagboard lets our 49 local newsrooms stay attuned to the hyperlocal issues being discussed in their communities, and gives us the ability to develop news content that reflects the most topical online conversations and insights being shared by redditors.”

This will be Reddit’s first work with content sourcing for broadcast and, through Tagboard, it will enable more than 250 global broadcast entities to use Reddit content for broadcast news, sports television and entertainment shows.

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“Reddit is home to more than 100,000 active communities and a plethora of amazing content and we are thrilled to partner with them as broadcasters are committing more time to sourcing perspectives from online communities to enhance their stories,” said Nathan Peterson, chief revenue officer at Tagboard, in a statement. “As the premier distributor of Reddit content to broadcast brands, Tagboard is playing an important role ensuring that Reddit content is disseminated more easily to news, sports, and entertainment brands across the globe.”

“Our partnership with Tagboard enables Reddit’s unique content to be credited and distributed by television networks around the world for on-air storytelling purposes,” said Alexandra Riccomini, senior director of business development and media partnerships at Reddit, in a statement. “We anticipate this partnership will empower broadcasters to share Reddit content regularly while also showcasing Reddit’s power of community and belonging.”