Synamedia debuts modular platform for OTT, pay TV providers

Synamedia is debuting Synamedia Go, a modular suite of software-as-a-service products for pay TV operators and OTT streaming video providers.

The company said its new service is based on an “add and go” architecture for faster deployment. The first services available are Go.Aggregate and Go.Experiment.

Go.Aggregate is built for unifying content from different services for simplified access, search, curation and discovery. It supports metadata aggregation for recommendations and search across multiple services and on any display.

Go.Experiment offers dashboards to segment viewers into sub-groups and test elements of the subscriber experience, marketing campaigns or operational practices. Synamedia said, for example, product owners can test UI designs on sample audiences in live environments and then apply selected changes more broadly based on insights.

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Synamedia Go is using the company’s Cloud TV Application Platform and open APIs to integrate and connect Synamedia Go services to existing backend systems and third-party solutions and devices.

"Synamedia Go makes it simple for video providers to turbocharge their existing platforms to work harder for them, all with minimal disruption.  Our suite of add-on modular services helps them test, refine and introduce features, apps and services that solve real business pain points and that really resonate with viewers. The inspiration behind Synamedia Go is our desire to help customers continually reinvent themselves, meet their KPIs, and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving video landscape,” said Synamedia CTO Nick Thexton in a statement.

The suite, which runs on AWS, is both distribution technology and client software agnostic and is integrated with Android TV, RDK, Apple TV, iOS, WebOS and Tizen applications.

Synamedia also provided an update on its 2020 financial performance. The company said bookings for its Video Network business increased 57% year over year in 2020 and that it added 30 new customers.