Tegna’s Premion launches new OTT audience measurement platform

Tegna’s OTT ad solution Premion has launched a new data management platform called Premion Audience Selects which it says includes 2,000 first-party OTT audience segments.

Premion partnered with MadHive and 4INFO to launch Premion Audience Selects. The platform is built to help target OTT ads toward defined audience demographics including age, gender and geography, as well as household details and buyer interest and intent in a variety of categories like home, auto and travel.

“Premion Audience Selects is the industry’s first DMP to bridge the gap between OTT data collection and audience segmentation. Advertisers are now able to better optimize and quantify their OTT campaigns. We are now able to better target specific audiences to help our clients reach the right customers to help their business grow,” said Jim Wilson, president of Premion, in a statement. “By partnering with MadHive and 4INFO, we are fueling our next phase of growth and continue to position Premion as an innovative data and technology leader in the OTT space.”

Premion Audience Selects also collects data from connected devices and smart-enabled TVs.

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“The OTT landscape is growing rapidly and data collection on connected TVs and streaming devices remains a challenge for traditional DMPs, many of which are collecting cookie-based data,” said Adam Helfgott, CEO of MadHive, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to be Premion’s partner in developing the first true OTT DMP that’s bringing data-rich capabilities in OTT targeting, verification and measurement for advertisers.”

“By leveraging the accuracy of our Customer Identity and Engagement solutions, Premion is helping solve the industry-wide challenges of scale and addressability in OTT advertising,” said 4INFO CEO Tim Jenkins in a statement. “The collaboration enables advertisers to precisely target specific audiences at scale while removing the hassle of doing individual ad buys with each OTT property.”

In a separate announcement, Tegna said that Kurt Rao has been named chief technology officer (CTO) effective April 16, 2018. Most recently, Rao was chief information and technology officer for Time Inc.