Amazon Fire TV now claims more than 34M active users

DENVER – Fire TV, Amazon’s device and platform ecosystem for streaming video, says it now has more than 34 million active users.

Jen Prenner, general manager and global head of marketing of growth and engagement for Amazon Fire TV, said during the Pay TV Show that the platform’s growth has seen momentum in 2019, and that Fire TV devices are the top streaming media players in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, India and Japan.

Amazon announced in January that Fire TV had more than 30 million active users. That was the figure the company included with its first-quarter financial results released in April.

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Amazon Fire TV could see another boost in active users soon after the company announced that it has finally reached a deal with Google to launch a YouTube app on Fire TV. Later this year, Fire TV will also get YouTube TV and YouTube Kids apps.

Amazon's new active user totals for Fire TV keep it ahead of competitor Roku, which last week announced that its active accounts increased by 2 million from last quarter and now total 29 million.

Like Roku with the Roku Channel, Amazon is working in the ad-supported streaming space (with launched like IMDb’s Freedive) and is reportedly looking to expand its efforts in the space.

That puts Amazon in the same arena as AVODs including Pluto TV and Xumo. Pluto TV, which was acquired by Viacom earlier this year, said it now has more than 16 million active users, up from 12 million at the beginning of 2019. Xumo last month announced that it now has 5.5 million monthly users.