Crackle, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s proprietary AVOD service, launched today an updated version of its app on Amazon’s Fire TV.

The update touts faster load times for the app itself, as well as content screens and video playback. Crackle also added an autoplay feature and a personalized content recommendation tool – bolstering the user experience. The app is available for free to Fire TV customers in the U.S.

In conjunction with the revamped app rollout, Crackle and Fire TV are partnering in a co-branded advertising campaign, which will run through the remainder of this month. The campaign will consist of 30-second and 15-second spots that will run across streaming video, social media and Fire TV channels.

“Our team is excited to offer Fire TV customers a new Crackle app that will provide a better overall streaming experience,” said Philippe Guelton, president of Crackle Plus, in a statement. “Through the co-branded campaign, we’ll be educating customers about the thousands of hours of high-quality free content we bring to Fire TV and how to watch it all with the newest version of the Crackle app.”

Crackle offers a mixture of entertainment and lifestyle programming, including original scripted series like “Les Norton” and “Comfort Kitchen.” Crackle Plus recently added its Chicken Soup for the Soul AVOD to Vizio’s SmartCast smart TV app.

The updated app is part of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s ongoing initiative to go beyond its legacy self-help book business and tap into direct-to-consumer marketing. The company is also looking to acquire Redbox – a DVD rental business – in a $375 million deal. The transaction will widen Chicken Soup for the Soul’s content library, with the goal of creating a leading position for the company in the AVOD space.