Editor’s Corner: Fierce Video is now StreamTV Insider

Linda Hardesty editor's corner

Hello, you might have noticed something slightly different about our website. We’ve re-branded Fierce Video as StreamTV Insider.

Why the change?

Things are constantly evolving in the television space. First, there was broadcast TV, then cable TV, then satellite. But now, streaming TV has become the exciting new future of television. Of course, Fierce Video has been following these trends for a couple of decades. And we were ahead of the game in establishing our industry-leading, annual StreamTV Show.

Now, it’s time to evolve and re-brand Fierce Video to StreamTV Insider. The new name better aligns our editorial content with our StreamTV Show and helps to clarify our coverage for our audience. For sponsors, it allows more integrated opportunities between our publication and our online and in-person events.

Will anything else change?

Yes. We’ve changed the branding on both our website as well as our newsletter to match the branding of the StreamTV Show.

We’re also changing the frequency of our newsletter to three times per week — Monday, Wednesday and Friday — with a plan to put more editorial focus on in-depth features, exclusive interviews with top industry executives, and opinion and analysis pieces to provide readers with business content they can’t find anywhere else.

We’ll continue to be the industry’s leading provider of content on the most important areas of coverage for the television industry. Key coverage will continue to be: all aspects of streaming TV, including monetization, distribution, user experience, engineering, advertising and personnel.

Where can you find us?

In addition to our website and newsletter you can find us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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We look forward to covering the future of television for our readers.


Linda Hardesty is editor in chief for the Fierce Telecom Group of publications, including Fierce Wireless, Fierce Telecom and StreamTV Insider.