Endeavor Streaming and Frequency launch a FAST one-stop shop

Direct-to-consumer platform Endeavor Streaming has joined forces with Frequency, a company specializing in free ad-supported TV (FAST) channel creation, to offer a one-stop-shop combining the services of both companies.

The newly formed platform is immediately available to content creators and brands in the entertainment, sports and lifestyle industries. Clients can build owned and operated direct-to-consumer services as well as create virtual linear channels that can be monetized across FAST channels.

Endeavor Streaming and Frequency’s platform is compatible with FAST services like The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus and more. The companies claim their joint effort can help clients reach over 200 million viewers globally.

“Our combined capabilities will alleviate meaningful operational overhead for our clients, allowing them to increase consumer reach of their content and maximize their streaming revenues across multiple business models,” said Matt Starker, SVP and head of corporate strategy for Endeavor Streaming, in a statement.

Endeavor Streaming owns the NeuLion Digital Platform, an end-to-end video streaming platform that facilitates the distribution of premium sports and entertainment content. Clients using the platform include the UFC, NBA and NFL.

“The past two years have marked rapid growth for Frequency, and the timing is perfect to announce our first B2B partner, Endeavor Streaming,” said Jon Cohen, SVP of business development and distribution at Frequency. The company touts its FAST distribution network spans over 250 million viewers.

The partnership comes at a time when the FAST market is surging. AMC added six new channels to its FAST lineup earlier this month and YouTube launched its first FAST channels in March. MyBundle.TV plans to introduce FAST services sometime this spring.

Endeavor Streaming and Frequency’s one-stop-shop concept is an interesting development, as companies are consolidating services to satisfy consumer demand for more content aggregation. Plex recently unveiled a navigation feature allowing users to readily access content across all their paid and free streaming services. Verizon in March began testing a similar aggregation feature known as +Play.