Frontier starts offering MyBundle.TV to customers

MyBundle.TV, company that provides tools and helps connect consumers to various streaming options, has snagged Frontier Communications its latest broadband provider partner.

To use MyBundle.TV, customers answer a few questions and get results of the best cable-free TV options "based on the channels and content they love," along with an easy way to sign up.

“At Frontier, we are always looking for ways to add value for our customers. By answering three quick questions that take about one minute, we save customers time and money compared to their traditional cable TV bill,” the company said in a blog announcing the partnership.

MyBundle.TV recently inked a deal with Dish Network’s Sling TV, which became the first streamer to integrate billing straight from the platform.

Co-founder and CEO Jason Cohen said “MyBundle.TV sits at the cross-section of broadband providers, streaming services, and consumers and benefits all three constituencies.”

The company sees big opportunity in broadband providers, both from small to larger players, who are looking to shift away from costly traditional TV services but maintain or acquire relationships with high-value broadband subscribers that might want to or have already cut the cord to opt for streaming only options.

“Our tools make it easy for consumers to give up their bloated TV bundle and switch to great partners such as Frontier, which recently kicked off a multi-year investment in fiber to bring multi-gigabit speeds to millions of more homes,” Cohen continued. “The Digital Divide is a huge problem in our country and MyBundle.TV is proud to partner with companies such as Frontier, who are leading the way in ‘Building Gigabit America.'”

MyBundle.TV now has 94 internet service provider partners (including Frontier) that collectively cover about 9 million internet customers. They range from larger players with millions of customers like WOW! and CenturyLink (now rebranded as Lumen Technologies), to smaller ISPs who may have as few as 500.

“To help break through the noise, Frontier will offer MyBundle.TV to its customers to provide a simplified, customized and more affordable streaming experience that doesn’t break the bank,” Frontier noted on its website.