FuboTV says average hours watched up 135%

FuboTV is reporting some significant increases in engagement on its streaming TV service as part of its new Portrait of a Cord Cutter report.

The virtual MVPD said that its subscribers on average watch more than 103 hours of television per month, up 135% year over year. The company also said that the majority of that viewing happens on connected TVs, which account for more than 93 hours per month of fuboTV users’ average watch time.

Somewhat surprisingly, entertainment programming accounts for the biggest chunk of time spent on fuboTV. The service said entertainment takes up 43% of viewing hours alongside 33% for sports and 24% for news.

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Fubo said that programming mix is a crucial characteristic to look for in subscribers who will be less likely to churn. The company said that subscribers who watch sports, entertainment and news programming combined retain 13% higher in the first month after the free trial period than users who just watch entertainment, 27% higher than users who just watch entertainment and news, and 54% higher than users how just watch news content.

Fubo also said that its users are tapping into a wider variety of networks. The company said that nearly 20% of its subscribers take up an add-on package of channels and the fuboTV viewers watch more than 20 channels per month, compared to 12 channels for cable TV subscribers (based on Nielsen data).

The company also pointed toward use of multiple devices as a driver for better customer retention. It said that families who use three or more devices to access fuboTV retain for the first month 28% higher than households that only watch on one device. The company also said that more than 50% of fuboTV subscribers access the service on mobile devices.

Looking ahead, fuboTV predicted that pay TV subscribers will continue to cut the cord to save money, and also because they can find better user experiences away from traditional linear television providers.