HBO Max joins Verizon’s +play

HBO Max is joining Verizon’s new streaming aggregation platform +play.

Verizon’s +play will allow users to discover, purchase and manage streaming video subscriptions all in one place. Its goal is to make subscription management simple. The platform is currently in early trials and will be available to Verizon customers at no additional cost later this year.

Verizon announced +play at its Investor Day last month.

HBO Max joins a slate already on +play, including discovery+, Disney+, Netflix and Peloton.

“We are thrilled to have HBO Max join as the latest streaming partner to +play,” said Erin McPherson, chief content officer for Verizon Consumer Group, in a statement. “As one of the largest direct-to-consumer distributors in the United States, we have a track record of providing millions of our customers with great premium content from leading services, and our partnership with HBO Max will build on that trend while speaking directly to customer pain points, like managing multiple subscriptions all in one place.”

Verizon touts +play as a simple way to centralize subscriptions across any and all devices.

The platform will also allow customers to buy streaming services that currently have promotional agreements with Verizon including Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Discovery+ and AMC+.

+play already has over 20 streaming services available ahead of its commercial launch.

In addition to aggregating streaming TV and movie subscriptions, +play will also allow Verizon customers to centralize their subscriptions for video games, fitness and music.

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Recon Analytics principal Roger Enter said, “With +play, announced at its Investor Day on March 3, Verizon is striving to take the initiative and solve a pain point for customers and streaming providers alike, all while improving the stickiness of its wireless and broadband services and increasing revenue.”