NCTC picks Qwilt’s open caching CDN tech for member network upgrades

NCTC and Qwilt have formed a joint initiative to upgrade NCTC member networks across the U.S. with Qwilt’s CDN technology and services based on open caching.

The upgrade includes Qwilt-provided CDN hardware installed in NCTC member networks as well as Qwilt software and cloud services. The company said it will offer open APIs to content publishers so NCTC members that deploy this solution will be joined together by Qwilt’s cloud service into a unified CDN.

Major content providers like Disney+ have already gotten behind open caching, which was developed by the Streaming Video Alliance as a model for content delivery. In 2019, Qwilt introduced Content Delivery Sharing, which it said allows local service providers to be paid to use their own assets to deliver a service that is coordinated by a central entity, and that users get the benefit of on-demand, local service. OTT content providers’ content is delivered by local ISP edge computing assets instead of a CDN.

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“In an ever-changing business climate, it’s important for NCTC to bring cutting edge supplier partners to our members and Qwilt is just that. Qwilt’s unique Edge Cloud Platform and Open Caching software will help our members address the dramatic growth of streaming media on their networks and position them for their current and future customer needs,” said NCTC CEO Lou Borrelli in a statement.

“NCTC’s goal is to bring the most impactful technology solutions and offers to our membership,” said Jared Baumann, vice president of technology innovation at NCTC, in a statement. “Our strategic partnership with Qwilt will not only help our members to deliver content in the most efficient manor, but it also turns the tables by allowing our operators to now monetize the traffic that their networks are carrying.”

“The way we consume video has changed, and content delivery must change with it,” said Qwilt CEO and Co-Founder Alon Maor in a statement. “Our shared vision is to help NCTC members enable Open Caching in their networks as a core component of their broadband infrastructure. Together with NCTC, we will help their members establish a content delivery platform that will serve as a foundation for today’s applications and new experiences coming in the future.”