Philo offers $1 deal with Best Buy streaming device promo

Philo, a live streaming TV service focused on general entertainment channels, has issued another promotion within its Best Buy partnership.

New subscribers to the service can get the first month of Philo for $1 when they buy qualifying devices – like streaming sticks from Amazon and Roku or smart TVs from Hisense and Westinghouse – from Best Buy. The deal is available now and runs until April 25. Philo costs $20 per month, meaning the promotion provides a 95% discount for the first month.

The new offer follows last year’s strategic partnership between Philo and Best Buy, a first for the retailer.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Best Buy, and it opens the door to a whole new segment of customers to embrace the future of TV. Complexity is still the biggest barrier for consumers looking to cut the cord and switch to streaming TV, and Best Buy has a long history of helping customers navigate the best tech and entertainment products all in one place,” said Philo CEO Andrew McCollum, in a statement.

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Philo’s most up-to-date subscriber total puts the virtual MVPD at 800,000, ahead of competitors including fuboTV and AT&T TV Now. While vMVPD prices seem to being going up across the board, Philo is holding its ground at $20 per month by focusing on entertainment channels and skipping the local broadcast and live sports that can balloon programming costs.

In November, Philo CEO Andrew McCollum said that he doesn’t anticipate Philo will add any channels in the near future that will require the service to raise rates. He also said that Philo focuses on efficiently running its business to avoid big operational costs causing price increases.

“I can’t say that the price of Philo will never go up. But we definitely put a lot of effort into keeping it as low as we can,” McCollum said.