Roku extends streaming deal with Amazon

Amazon content will be available on Roku for the foreseeable future, as the two companies finalized a multi-year extension for their distribution deal.

“Customers can continue to access the Prime Video and IMDb TV apps on their Roku devices,” Roku wrote yesterday. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The straightforward negotiations are a welcome change after both Roku and Amazon ran into some trouble last year maintaining agreements with other services. Roku and Google’s distribution deal with YouTube nearly expired last December, after Roku renewed its dispute with Google. Roku had previously accused the tech giant of anti-competitive behavior.

Amazon also faced some backlash from HBO Max last September, when the service removed HBO content from Amazon Prime Video Channels. HBO Max responded to the action by offering a discounted plan to U.S. consumers who accessed HBO via Amazon.

Roku and Amazon’s continued partnership means Roku users can expect a surge of new content. Amazon closed last month a $8.45 billion deal with MGM, bringing over 4,000 movie titles and more. The streaming service is also in the running to secure the NFL Sunday Ticket for Amazon Prime Video.