Clinch claims channel efficiencies with new SaaS platform

Marketing automation specialist Clinch introduced software-as-a-service meant to enable marketers to efficiently launch campaigns across multiple channels.

Called Flight Control, the new platform offers a single tool for strategy, activation and measurement across OTT, programmatic, social, native, digital out of home (DOOH) and connected TV devices (CTVs), and allows teams to use the same workflow for every channel.

“Efficiency is everything in the advertising world,” the company claimed in a video introducing Flight Control. “But as new channels have developed and campaigns have become more complex, efficiency has suffered.” Clinch hopes to simplify processes by introducing a single platform for every aspect of dynamic advertising.

Clinch expects Flight Control to take off with advertisers since it is already integrated with  leading audience, data, and distribution companies. These include The Trade Desk, DV360, LG Ad Solutions, Facebook, OUTFRONT and LiveRamp.

The company is positioning the platform as the first dynamic creative optimization solution which teams can run without outside expert assistance or managed service fees. However, Clinch is offering Flight Control as a managed service for customers who want that.

Real-time analytics and predictive modeling are key elements of the new service, Clinch said. The company is attaching data feeds to its strategy tool to allow relevant ads to be assembled and served to the right people at the appropriate time. 

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Analytics will tell advertisers not only what happened with their campaigns but why it happened, according to Clinch. The company said the Flight Control platform will provide analytics during and after campaigns.

Flight Control applies artificial intelligence (AI) quality assurance to “every possible creative decision”, the company noted. 

Clinch, which counts United Airlines, Bloomingdales, Nestle Waters, CVS Pharmacy and several other household names as customers, stated in a press release that some advertisers can build silos between different channels, such as CTV or social media. Flight Control is meant to break down barriers by eliminating the need for channel-specific expertise and allowing unified campaign management. 

“It’s no secret that until now, the process of planning, activating and then measuring campaign performance has introduced almost as much friction into campaigns as it is intended to solve,” said Clinch CEO Oz Etzioni in a press release.

Merkle, the first ad agency to pilot Flight Control, called it a “game changer” in release. “To date, the industry has really been missing an intuitive UI to create, manage and maintain [dynamic creative optimization] campaigns across all paid media channels,” said Amy Thorne, EVP, performance creative business lead at Merkle.

Flight Control is already in the market, and Clinch said teams are already using it alongside the company’s ad serving software.