Conviva expands into advertising audience measurement

Conviva, a measurement platform for streaming media, said that it will now make its technology and real-time data available for advertising audience measurement.

It’s a shift for the company and it’s being led by Conviva’s new CEO Keith Zubchevich, who previously served as the company’s chief strategy officer.

“Today Conviva is already underfoot with premium publishers, collecting 3 trillion streaming events daily with insight into 500 million unique viewers globally,” said Zubchevich in a statement. “The fact is Conviva has already solved for the incredibly complex challenge of standardized, census-level streaming measurement and is now working with our premium publishers and their ecosystem partners to introduce a new standard of audience measurement and quality to the global industry, to enable long-overdue innovation and change.”

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Conviva said that “antiquated third-party web technologies” like beacons, logs, pixels or outdated and inaccurate panel methodologies can’t handle the device fragmentation in today’s streaming world. But the company claims its Stream Sensor provides continuous collection of every single session using standardized data collection and processing techniques to provide more comprehensive and uniform data for audience measurement.

Conviva also offers a Stream ID product that uses first-party data while still accommodating consumer choice and global privacy regulations. The company’s platform expansion is using a common identity model to create ecosystem interoperability for both content partners and ecosystem activation destinations.

Conviva said that it will put publishers in full control of their streaming data and audience so they no longer have to rely on “currency tax vendors,” which will address walled gardens by giving advertisers audience and context for addressing brand safety concerns. The company is currently participating in complete audit and accreditation processes including the Media Ratings Council (MRC) in the U.S. and other relevant industry auditing bodies globally to certify new standards.