Invidi and Irdeto turn on addressable tech for cable set-top boxes

Invidi Technologies and Irdeto are teaming up to roll out an integrated addressable advertising technology for pay TV operators.

The collaboration means every television set-top box containing Irdeto’s broadcast middleware technology to become addressable, allowing marketers to insert ads for targeted audiences via Invidi’s cloud-based Edge platform. Invidi and Irdeto will provide the required operator support for both the technology deployment and business process workflows.

“For advertisers and buyers, Invidi provides a unified view of the audience,” said Prasad Sanagavarapu, senior vice president of emerging markets at Invidi, in a statement. “For sellers and publishers, this integrated solution yields the quickest route for bringing their inventory to the market.”

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“At a time when operators face challenges brought by the changing consumer viewing behaviors, targeted advertising offers them a potential for a significant new revenue stream. Our unique pay TV operator heritage enables us to understand the challenges they face today and the opportunities tomorrow brings; and we are excited to be working with some of our key customers on the integration of the new easy-to-launch solution,” said Shane McCarthy, COO of video entertainment at Irdeto, in a statement.

Invidi—which was purchased by AT&T, Dish and WPP in 2016 but still operates independently—recently set another addressable advertising agreement with Vizio.

"The meaning of this news is that Invidi's addressable ad tech now reaches 11+ million Vizio smart TVs in addition to the entire footprint of DirecTV, Dish and Verizon set-top boxes for WarnerMedia networks that are OAR-enable,” said Bruce Anderson, CTO at Invidi Technologies, in a statement. “INVIDI would welcome the opportunity to support additional programming networks. We power the linear addressability on all WarnerMedia programming as it is. So, this gains us entry into those 11.1 million Vizio TV sets through that programming."