TiVo’s Deep Discovery tool gets moody with metadata

TiVo’s new Deep Discovery tool for video service providers, electronics manufacturers and media companies digs deeper into metadata to improve search and recommendations.

The company said the new API-based product adds increased detail content metadata like moods, tones, themes, weighted keywords, age descriptors and popularity scores. The company is promising to create “delightfully unexpected results” while forming connections to special interests, linking older titles to trending content and providing quantitative and qualitative insights into content relationships.

TiVo said Deep Discovery is unlike other metadata solutions because it links these fields to standardized video metadata.

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Elisa, a Finnish telecommunications provider, has signed a multiyear extension and expansion of its agreement with TiVo which will include deploying Deep Discovery to help the customers of its video service, Elisa Viihde.

“We are excited to extend and expand our existing relationship with Elisa through Deep Discovery, which will enable it to continue creating and delivering the very best experience for its customers,” said Matt Milne, chief revenue officer at TiVo parent company Xperi, in a statement.

“In a content landscape with more options than ever, advanced personalization and relevance are fundamental for products and services as consumers increasingly want to interact with brands that know what they want, before they even search for it,” said Chris Ambrozic, vice president of product, Discovery at Xperi. “Deep Discovery harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to deliver more relevant and personalized recommendations for service providers like Elisa.”