Amazon Fire TV hits 150M devices sold as focus shifts toward automotive

Amazon said that it has now sold more than 150 million Fire TV devices worldwide as it shows off plans to push its connected TV platform into more vehicles.

The update comes during CES in Las Vegas, where Amazon has in years past provided new user base totals for Fire TV. In 2020 at the show, the company said it had 40 million active Fire TV users before updating that total to 50 million before the end of 2020.

Amazon isn’t throwing out a new active user total right now but instead highlighting some of its fourth quarter 2021 achievements including the Fire TV Omni Series smart TVs, the first Amazon-built TVs on the market.

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Now Amazon is shifting more focus toward connected vehicles after last year announcing an agreement with Stellantis to integrate the Fire TV platform into its upcoming 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. Today, the company announced its connected TV platform will also show up in Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler Pacifica along with 2022 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Navigator models.

Fire TV for connected vehicles includes the option to download Prime Video movies and TV shows for viewing when cellular or Wi-Fi connections are unreliable or unavailable. The company said it will soon add personalized profiles, personalized content recommendations and an updated home screen to its Fire TV in-vehicle platform along with the ability to pause a show at home and resume in the car.

Amazon said it also working with automotive manufacturers to build integrations with each car company’s individual features including audio systems and comfort controls.

“So for Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Lincoln and others, you will see a range of unique features delivered to customers,” the company wrote in a blog post. “It’s still Day 1 for this part of our business, but we already have some great momentum with many of the world’s most recognizable car brands.”