Atmosphere adds FAST channels from Trusted Media Brands

Atmosphere is bumping up its ad-supported content slate with Trusted Media Brands (TMB), unveiling Thursday it will be the only out-of-home streaming service to offer TMB’s catalog of short and long-form videos.

TMB is the company behind several lifestyle and entertainment-oriented free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels. Channels joining Atmosphere include “Fail Army,” “People are Awesome,” “The Pet Collective” and “Weather Spy.”

TMB boasted its programming has amassed 11 billion minutes of watch time on FAST platforms. Its list of streaming partners includes FuboTV, LG, Peacock, Plex, Roku, Samsung TV and many others. TMB videos are also dispersed across social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

“As early movers in social and FAST we’ve been working hard to find new and exciting distribution points,” stated TMB Chief Business Officer Cameron Saless. “Our partnership with Atmosphere allows us to do just that by expanding our audience and finding new points of discovery with consumers while they dine, exercise, socialize, and more.”

Atmosphere's service is available across 45,000 venues worldwide, including bars and restaurants, gyms and waiting rooms. As Atmosphere CRO Ryan Spicer told Fierce in October, Atmosphere can either serve as a full replacement for TV service or as a complement. And with audio-optional channels, viewers aren’t required to fully pay attention to the screen when they’re at a venue.

“TMB’s content is some of the most compelling content online and plays spectacularly in businesses,” added Atmosphere Chief Operating Officer Blake Sabatinelli, noting the partnership will provide TMB “with their largest out-of-home audience yet.”

Other providers recognize the value of viewers from restaurants and other public spaces. DirecTV last summer struck a multi-year deal with Amazon allowing businesses to offer Thursday Night Football games in over 300,000 locations across the U.S., so that patrons can tune into the Amazon-exclusive sports package without using broadband or a connected TV.

Atmosphere’s lineup features a few sports-focused channels, like The Rugby Network, Real Madrid TV, the recently launched PGA Tour channel along with flagship channel Atmosphere Sports, which keeps viewers up to date with live scores and other news in the sports space.