Canoe advances addressable with AMC, Discovery and WarnerMedia

Canoe Ventures—an addressable TV advertising company co-owned by Comcast, Charter and Cox—has signed up AMC, Discovery, TelevisaUnivision and WarnerMedia to expand availability of national addressable advertising.

Canoe will be providing enablement and ongoing campaign service assurance across its national addressable TV advertising footprint consisting of Charter, Comcast and Cox enabled households. The company said all four programmers have either started or will be initiating addressable TV advertising campaigns in the first quarter of 2022.

The news comes just days after AMC Networks pledged to run three addressable ad slots per hour of original programming. With the addition of Discovery, TelevisaUnivision and WarnerMedia, addressable advertising in the U.S. is gaining significant scale.

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“The key word here is ‘scale,’” said Canoe Ventures CEO Joel Hassell in a statement. “By partnering with these four programmers, we can now help them and their advertisers better manage frequency across this new, expanded footprint, as well as reach and engage the right audiences. It is a win on both sides as the consumer sees more relevant ads, and agencies and marketers will derive better ROI. We see all of this as being good, beneficial and necessary for the industry.”

“This is a milestone moment for the entire industry that is no longer a target or an aspiration – it's actually here,” said Evan Adlman, senior vice president of advanced advertising and digital partnerships at AMC, in a statement. “We are making three national, addressable spots available in every hour of original programming for all of 2022 on our AMC and WE tv networks. In partnership with Canoe, we can now offer the smartest and most relevant ads in television, at a time when reaching consumers with relevant and targeted advertising has never been more important.”

“During our 2021 upfront, we shared an ambitious goal to reach 52 million households across our addressable footprint by the end of the year,” said JP Colaco, president of advertising sales at WarnerMedia, in a statement. “I’m thrilled to announce that we have exceeded our objectives for our addressable capabilities through this important collaboration with Canoe. National addressability within premium, live, linear programming is the gold standard for advertisers who need reach, precision and most importantly, results, when delivering a message to their audiences.”