DirecTV is going after business customers again

After several years away, DirecTV has resumed targeted broadcast advertising toward potential business customers.

The company has assembled new creative featuring dogs riding ponies, ventriloquists and more to push the message that there’s a “better way to entertain your customers.” The spots are highlighting the DirecTV Business Select pack, which starts at $54.99 per month then jumps to $59.99 per month in the second year of a two-year contract.

DirecTV will be running the addressable spots for its existing consumer customers over the next month. The company said it’s the first time in six years that it has run TV ads targeting business customers. The company next week will also begin a digital campaign using the same creative.

The renewed marketing efforts toward business customers is seemingly timed around the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions for businesses in many major markets.

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AT&T last year spun off DirecTV, U-verse and AT&T TV, which were combined into the new DirecTV, which is now run by TPG Capital as a standalone company.

DirecTV no longer reports quarterly subscriber numbers but according to Leichtman Research Group’s estimates, the company lost 412,000 subscribers in the third quarter to bring its total down to 15 million.

Over the past few months since DirecTV was spun off from AT&T, the service has launched new features including unlimited simultaneous streams on unlimited screens, unlimited cloud DVR, different premiums included with different packages that customers can opt into, and a “Help me choose my package” quiz through the website.

DirecTV Stream’s streaming device now includes a sports-focused curation feature that helps users keep track of regional and national content. Shaw said the service will keep iterating on features and that it could extend its sports curation to other genres of entertainment.