DirecTV Stream ups its game on sports streaming

DirecTV Stream, which is the live streaming companion of the company's satellite TV service, is adding some technical tweaks to improve its sports programming. The updates are being made based on user feedback.

Beginning this week, users will be able to record the entire season of their favorite sports teams in the NBA, MLB and NHL.

The changes have gone into effect this week across the DirecTV stream device — the Osprey — as well as Roku, TV operating systems, Amazon Fire TV and Tizen. The technology rollout will be complete across all devices for DirecTV Stream by April 12.

DirecTV Stream is also adding an auto extensions technology for the times when games go into overtime or last longer than expected. “Since game end times can change for any number of reasons, we’ve launched ‘Auto-Extend’ so you can watch right up until the end of the game,” said a DirecTV Stream spokesperson.

The company has also updated its team game tiles so viewers can more easily find the games they are looking for. And it’s given more control over seeing live scores or hiding them to avoid spoilers.

The spokesperson said these changes are just the beginning as DirecTV Stream plans to “lean into sports.”

DirecTV Stream's origins

DirecTV Stream began in August 2021 at the same time that AT&T announced a deal with TPG Capital to spin off DirecTV, U-verse and AT&T TV into a new company called DirecTV. The streaming business AT&T TV was reintroduced as DirecTV Stream.

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AT&T TV had been bleeding subscribers prior to the deal with TPG. The new DirecTV is private and doesn’t report its subscriber numbers.

The cost of the DirecTV Stream service starts at $69.99/mo. for the lowest tier, which offers about 120 channels. But there’s no contract, so people can cancel at any time. The company is offering a promotion through April for subscribers to get $10 off for three months.