Fubo serves up AI-generated headlines for live TV news programs on Android, Fire TV

Fubo is leaning on AI to help users more easily zero in on and choose the live news programming they want to watch based on topics being discussed. On Thursday the virtual MVPD announced the launch of an “Instant Headlines” beta feature.

The new feature generates contextual news topics that live programs are talking about on air in real-time, surfacing a 10-word-or-less headlines on program tiles within the streaming service’s home page news carousel.  According to Fubo, each channel tile in the carousel is constantly refreshed, updating to inform the viewer what topic the current channel is discussing – with the ultimate aim of helping users discover and decide more quickly what they want to watch.

For example, in a video demo it showed the Morning Joe MSNBC program with the Instant Headline of “Nikki Haley Surges in Iowa Poll”. Click to the right and it shows the News Nation Morning in America program with the tile headline “US and Allies launch Strikes in Yemen.”

As a beta feature, Instant Headlines are currently available to Fubo subscribers on Fire TV and Android TV. They may be expanded to other devices down the line. Currently the feature’s integrated with select 24-hour news channels, including national networks, as well as local stations in certain markets.

In the announcement, Fubo emphasized that it’s all part of the virtual MVPD’s personalization strategy in terms of enabling users to find and instantly watch the content they want most. It also said the beta feature marks a first step as the live streaming TV service plans to launch a suite of news-focused product features – which CEO David Gandler noted come during the 2024 election cycle. Fubo plans to make similar product enhancements available for its sports and news content.

 “Today’s launch of our first-of-its-kind news feature is aimed to improve live content discovery on Fubo, in real time. Innovating around our news programming is a focus this year, particularly as we head into an election cycle,” Gandler said in a statement. “We’re excited to further evolve Instant Headlines and offer additional news-based product features during such a critical time in world news. Instant Headlines is just the first product we’re rolling out this year aimed to ensure our users never miss a moment of the most meaningful content.”

Fubo has previously highlighted its intent to use proprietary AI tech to help power features that enhance the user experience and personalization on its platform. During Q3 earnings the company discussed plans for playlists that would allow a user to view and select the most important movements of live sports events on their DVR. For example, opting to watch just scoring drives, or all three-point shots from a recorded basketball game. Helping on the interactive and tech side, Fubo acquired Edisin.ai in 2021.

Alongside its sports-first approach to programming, enhanced personalization and product features are some of the key ways Fubo is looking to differentiate itself in a competitive video marketplace, including against the likes of YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV.

“Fubo continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation, delivering to consumers market defining product features optimized for live TV streaming. We were the first virtual MVPD to offer 4K streaming and multi viewing, which we launched years ahead of our peers,” Gandler continued. “We believe tech advancements will continue to demarcate Fubo from other live TV streaming services - appealing to both consumers and advertisers alike - and will contribute strongly to our profitability goals.”

Fubo in November launched Fubo Radio, a lineup of 10 fully branded AI-powered radio music FAST channels with help of partner Super Hi-Fi.

Check out a preview of the Instant Headlines feature below: