NBC Sports interactive sports betting broadcasts head to Philadelphia

After NBC Sports Washington earlier this year debuted an alternate interactive live broadcast for live sports, NBC Sports Philadelphia is doing the same.

NBC Sports Philadelphia will debut the feature, which will feature betting-related commentary and analysis in real time, along with up-to-date betting data and information for the Philadelphia 76ers-Atlanta Hawks game this Wednesday on NBC Sports Philadelphia+.

Commentary and analysis will be accompanied by on-screen graphics featuring betting data and information, including a glossary of gambling terminology.

“We are thrilled to be the first to provide this betting-focused programming and analysis, with a format that is relevant to everyone, from those just learning to advanced bettors,” said NBC Sports Philadelphia President Brian Monihan. “This live coverage continues our commitment to engage our fans in new and exciting ways.”

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NBC Sports Regional Networks in January launched an alternate predictive-gaming telecast for its NBC Sports Washington coverage of the Washington Wizards. Predict The Game will be produced for the eighth and final time of the season on April 5.

NBC Sports Washington said the idea for the interactive game came out of earlier attempts to get fans more involved during telecasts.

Mark Friedman, director of creative services and advanced technology for NBC Sports Washington, said that in 2017 his network began posting questions and giving away jerseys and tickets to get fans more involved. The feature generated a positive response from viewers.

“They loved the idea that they could play along and it gave them more reason to watch,” Friedman said.

The graphics run on top of ChryronHego’s Prime platform. Friedman, along with some other people in the sports group, assembled it along with data feeds from various sources. The network works with Telescope to power the gaming portion of the feed.