Netflix adds double-thumbs-up option for rave reviews

Netflix subscribers have a new way to show their love for favorite shows and movies on the service: a double-thumbs-up option they can select instead of its longstanding thumbs-up button.

The Los Gatos, California, SVOD company announced this addition in a post Monday, advising subscribers to look for it in Netflix’s web, connected-TV, Android and iOS apps next to the usual thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons.

The new option was not, however, visible in updated copies of Netflix’s iPadOS and Windows apps Tuesday morning.

“Providing an additional way to tell us when you’re really into something means a profile with recommendations that better reflect what you enjoy,” wrote Christine Doig-Cardet, director of product innovation. “For example, if you loved Bridgerton, you might see even more shows or films starring the cast, or from Shondaland.”

This new Netflix rating option (which evokes the “two thumbs up” rave of movie critics Rogert Ebert and Gene Siskel that the legendary duo eventually trademarked) does not come with a corresponding intense-disapproval option.

But this famously data-intensive company should have more than enough metrics already — for instance, viewers bailing out on a movie or a show and never returning to that title to finish watching — to draw those conclusions already.

Back in 2019, for example, chief content officer Ted Sarandos told attendees of the SeriesFest conference in Denver that Netflix even customizes the thumbnail images shown in search results to match identified viewer preferences, saying “We want to know your taste to give you good stuff to watch.”