Netflix price hike being passed on to T-Mobile subscribers

Netflix raised prices for all its U.S. subscribers earlier this year, and now that increase is going to be passed along to T-Mobile subscribers who opted for Netflix On Us.

T-Mobile will continue to cover $10.99 for Netflix for existing customers for as long as they keep their plan, but the Netflix price increase of $2 per account will passed through beginning July 5. Customers on qualifying T-Mobile ONE voice plans who have or redeem a Netflix Standard two-screen subscription will see a $2 charge per month on their bill. T-Mobile ONE customers with a Premium subscription will see a $5 charge. T-Mobile One w/One Plus Family customers will continue to receive the Standard two-screen subscription for no additional cost and the Premium subscription for $3.

The company said to avoid any price increases, subscribers can turn off Netflix on Us or change to Magenta, where they receive Netflix Basic. Basic costs $8.99 per month, doesn’t include HD and can only be viewed on one screen at a time.

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T-Mobile said it managed to delay the impact of the price hike for its mobile subscribers.

“Netflix raised prices earlier this year, and we worked with Netflix to provide customers with six months of protection from that increase. We are committed to continue delivering the Netflix on Us benefit and will continue to give more value and benefits to customers with our unlimited plans,” the company wrote.

Netflix’s latest round of price increases were announced in January.

The price for Netflix’s most basic tier increased from $8 per month to $9. The price for the Netflix’s most popular tier, which allows viewing on two screens at a time and includes HD video, increased from $11 per month to $13. And the company’s highest tier, which allows up to four screens at once and include Ultra HD video, increased from $14 per month to $16.

Despite the price increases, Netflix still added 1.74 million new paid subscribers in the U.S. during the first quarter.