Philo now integrated into Google TV

Live streaming TV service Philo is now fully integrated into Google TV meaning users of the connected TV platform will see Philo content alongside shows and films from their other services.

Philo subscribers can use Google TV to access their shows and Philo channels directly from the Live tab, and see customized recommendations in the “For You” tab. The company said the integration is rolling out of the next few days.

Google TV is currently available on Chromecast with Google TV, Sony’s new Bravia XR TV lineup with Google TV, and TCL’s 5-Series and 6-Series with Google TV.

For Philo, the integration adds an important new distribution point for new and existing subscribers. The service is also available on all Android and Android TV devices, Fire Tablets and Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS devices, Roku, PC/Mac web browsers and Chromecast built-in devices.

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Philo currently offers more than 60 channels for $25 and allows three separate streams on three different devices with up to 10 profiles. The service raised its monthly rates by $5 over the summer after keeping it at $20/month for more than three years.

In a blog post, Philo CEO Andrew McCollum explained that the price increase was due to fee increases from content partners along with platform and billing partner costs.

“We are relentless in our focus on keeping our price low, so we do everything we can to reduce our overhead while managing these increasing costs,” he wrote. “Even with those efforts, we can't offset these rising costs indefinitely, and this change reflects that reality.”