Telus debuts streaming bundle with Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Netflix for mobile customers

Telus is serving up a video bundle to mobile customers, offering three premium streaming services for $25 per month.

The bundle, dubbed Stream+, is available to new and existing Telus mobility customers and includes Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and Discovery+ on one monthly bill. 

In introducing the new add-on, the Canadian operator cited the continued popularity of streaming and the desire to bundle services together to save money. It commissioned a survey that found almost half of Canadians use three or more streaming platforms and that 90% of Canadians would bundle if they could.

The desire to rebundle video services in the face of a growing number of options and platforms was also seen in recent Nielsen data, which found 64% of viewers want a bundled streaming service.

At $25 per month the add-on from Telus would save customers about $7 per month, compared to purchasing the services on a standalone basis, which cost $20.99 for Netflix premium, $4.99 for Apple TV+ and $4.99 for Discovery+ (or $6.99 without ads). Subscribers need to have an unlimited wireless plan from Telus. If customers already have a subscription to one or any of the streaming services they can link it to their mobile billing without having to change preferences, viewing history or profile.

“Over the last two years, Canadians coast-to-coast have been streaming more than ever and are increasingly looking to simplify their streaming subscriptions while enjoying premium entertainment for less,” said Jim Senko, president of Telus Mobility Solutions, in a statement. “We’ve been listening to our customers and we’ve heard that they’re looking for convenience, cost savings and simplicity. That’s why we’re excited to deliver Stream+, a seamless entertainment experience, backed by our globally leading wireless networks.”

At the end of 2021 Telus had 9.29 million mobile subscribers. The operator also sells internet service and its own pay TV services, finishing the year with 1.27 million TV subscribers and 2.27 million internet subscribers. Telus added 367,000 mobile phone subscribers in 2021, during which it gained just 50,000 TV subscribers.

Adding video options for mobility customers on wireless plans is a play U.S. carriers have made in recent years. In 2020 Verizon started selling mix and match unlimited wireless plans that combine 5G service with access to Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu and Apple Music. Unlike Telus, those streaming services are included in the price of an unlimited wireless plan, though some lower tiers only allow for a 6-month subscription.

More recently in 2021, T-Mobile added Apple TV+ to its streaming video service promotion, after offering free Netflix for several years and later selling YouTube TV and Philo subscriptions directly to customers.

Article updated to reflect that savings are around $7 per month.