YouTube TV adding CNN, TBS and other Turner networks, but also raising prices: report

UPDATE: Multiple publications are now confirming the additional channels and price hike for YouTube TV. Beginning March 13, the price will rise from $35 to $40. Customers who add the service before that date will be able to keep the $35 per month price.

YouTube TV tomorrow is reportedly adding Turner networks to its channel lineup along with sports channels like NBA TV and MLB Network. But it means the service will cost more for new subscribers.

According to a BuzzFeed report—which Cord Cutters News spotted before embargoed information was removed—Turner’s TNT, TBS, CNN, truTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Turner Classic Movies are coming to the service starting Feb. 14. In addition to sports networks like MLB Network, YouTube TV will also begin offering sports add-ons like NBA League Pass.

However, the boosted programming package will now cost new subscribers $40 when they sign up, up from the previous $35 per month. It’s unclear if existing subscribers will also see a price increase, though Cord Cutters News thinks those subs will stay at $35 per month.

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After YouTube TV launched last year, Turner CEO John Martin told the crowd at an investor conference that the service had declined to carry Turner’s networks. He reasoned that YouTube TV passed because it had likely already exhausted its programming budget getting so much live sports, but he did say that the service might opt to carry Turner channels in the future.

Since its launch, YouTube TV has been steadily adding more local broadcast channels as well as catching up on its device compatibility list. Earlier this month, YouTube TV finally launched its app on Roku TVs and streaming devices.