DoubleVerify secures MRC accreditation for attention metrics

Software platform provider DoubleVerify has scored new accreditation from the Media Rating Council for its attention-based advertising analytics and performance product.

Accreditation for its DV Authentic Attention metrics covers the vendor’s full set of display and video data for desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps.

It marks a first-time accreditation for the DoubleVerify for attention measurement, with MRC also granting continued accreditation for display and digital video impressions and invalid traffic (IVT) across environments including CTV.

“Earning MRC accreditation for DV Authentic Attention, in an environment where ad dollars are increasingly scrutinized for accountability, advances our commitment to develop independent media quality and performance solutions that drive campaign outcomes for our global brand customers,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify, in a statement.

Elements of the now MRC-accredited product include an engagement index, which analyzes user-initiated events that happen while a creative ad is displayed, including touches, screen orientation, video playback and audio control interactions. It also features an exposure index, which evaluates an ad’s presentation, quantifying intensity and prominence based on metrics such as viewable time, share of screen, video completion, and audibility. A final component is attention benchmarks, which are performance metrics that allow advertisers to understand, measure and optimize campaigns against others in the industry.

“We congratulate DoubleVerify on the extension of its MRC accreditation to now include this suite of attention-focused metrics,” said George W. Ivie, executive director and CEO of the MRC, in a statement. “DV has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to quality measurement through its engagement in the accreditation process, and this addition to its portfolio of MRC-accredited metrics stands as further evidence of the success it’s achieved in that regard.”

DoubleVerify put attention front and center last October when it launched a new lab to provide advertisers with insights and recommendations on ad performance using the Authentic Attention product. The DV Attention Lab opened with a dedicated team of data scientists, product experts and marketing analysts, with a focus on optimizing campaign performance using attention data for ad engagement and exposure.

The vendor was also notably tapped by Netflix last year to support the streaming giant’s new subscription plan with ads. Netflix is using DV to for viewability verification (providing assurance as to whether an ad had the opportunity to be seen and insights on its impact) and for fraud protection (ensuring Netflix advertisers’ videos are seen by real people while also protecting against fraud and IVT from bots or hijacked devices).