TiVo connects TV data to new advertising platform

TiVo is today launching Xtend, a group of new advertising solutions using the company’s first-party deterministic TV viewership data.

The platform will offer deterministic data to identify who has or has not tuned into programming or seen a message from a brand or its competitors; pre-built programmatic audience segments, scaled and tested for targeting on connected TV, PC, tablet and mobile; connected TV inventory layered with Xtend or custom audiences to add incremental reach and frequency to linear across 40 million households; and clickable ads placed within native TiVo Guides.

“With TiVo Xtend, advertisers can deliver incremental reach with their CTV campaigns and drive more impactful results,” said Walt Horstman, senior vice president of monetization at TiVo, in a statement. “Powered by our linear TV viewership data, the end-to-end TiVo Xtend suite enables marketers to optimize outcomes for integrated campaign initiatives using the power of first-party data. The integration of our behavioral data will enhance the effectiveness of audience creation and targeted CTV placement.”

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The launch of Xtend comes as TiVo looks to move further into the connected TV space through smart TVs running the TiVo Stream operating system.

During last week’s earnings call, Xperi CEO Jon Kirchner said he expects connected TVs built on TiVo Stream OS will ship in 2023 or 2024 and soon account for most of TiVo’s business.

“The Stream 4K dongles, you know, they’re an element of the broader strategy,” Kirchner said. “What we expect is that the embedded OS strategy will drive significantly more footprint.”

Last year, TiVo reached a deal with Xandr—AT&T’s advanced advertising business that’s being acquired by Microsoft—to make its ad-supported connected TV inventory available to buyers in the Xandr Marketplace. The agreement covered TiVo’s pre-roll and in-stream content CTV advertising offerings and it means that TiVo will use Xandr Monetize for inventory management capabilities, yield optimization analytics and buyer demand.