TVSquared focuses new ad attribution platform on reach extension

TVSquared is launching a new always-on attribution platform that covers all forms of video advertising and measures campaigns against sales, conversions and business outcomes.

TVSquared operates in more than 70 countries and has strategic partnerships with Effectv (formerly Comcast Spotlight), Extreme Reach, Ampersand, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, including Telemundo and Regional Sports Networks, and RTL AdConnect. The company combines that coverage of streaming publishers and media owners with household-level data to measure reach, frequency and performance across linear and digital TV advertising.

The company’s ADvantage platform collectively ingests first- and third-party data, including smart TV, set-top-box, TV airing, digital adserver and both client and server-side advertiser data.

Blair Robertson, chief technology officer at TVSquared, said the key aspects of his company’s updated platform is that it provides real-time results, instead of reports and studies, for making changes to an ad buy and that it captures 100% of ad impressions delivered. He said that differs from automatic content recognition (ACR), which relies on a smaller subset of viewers and devices connected to a panel.

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“We do not believe that’s a good approach and instead we have gone directly to all the OTT and CTV media service providers and tagged their ad servers directly,” said Robertson. “That means we have 100% of all ad impressions delivered, whereas other companies typically only see a random 1% or 2% sample.”

As more media services launch and the market gets increasingly fragmented, it’s more difficult for marketers to ensure they’re reaching the right audience at the right time. Robertson said a challenge for brands is determining whether they’re hitting the same households over and over again during ad campaigns. That’s why TVSquared is focused on reach extension with its new platform.

“Together, linear and digital is giving the TV industry the greatest scale and reach potential of all time,” said Jo Kinsella, president of TVSquared, in a statement. “We have strategic partnerships across the advertising ecosystem to create the most robust closed-loop attribution solution in the world. This means we can power independent TV measurement for advertisers and publishers – from direct streaming services to DSPs and MVPDs.”