Samsung brings cross-platform ad analysis for linear and CTV

Samsung Ads introduced today its Total Media Solution, a platform that manages and measures ad buys across both linear and streaming services.

The product’s key takeaway is advertisers can manage their media buys in one place with the help of Samsung Ads tech, said Joe Melaragno, head of platform sales and agency development at Samsung Ads, at the company’s NewFronts presentation Tuesday. Samsung Ads will use its programmatic technology Samsung DSP to measure cross-platform campaigns, he added, providing advertisers with strategic insights and recommendations.

“We’re taking the guesswork out so you can find your unexposed audience and unlock total audience reach across your entire media buy,” Melaragno said.

Total Media Solution will likely leverage much of Samsung Ads’ connected TV data, as CTV makes headway as an emerging media platform. Digital ad spending rose to $39 billion in 2021, according to a new IAB report – CTV ad spend alone went up to $15.2 billion.

“As buyers realize how many consumers are spending their time in CTV, they’re now running these complementary plans across both linear and CTV,” said Melaragno.

He explained Total Media Solution uses Samsung’s automated content recognition (ACR) data to optimize an active campaign’s reach and frequency across all of a buyer’s streaming and linear partners. By tracking how many consumers have moved through the marketing funnel, advertisers can get a better idea of which linear viewers to target and reel them into CTV.

Linear-heavy campaigns no longer provide the reach advertisers now need, said Michael Scott, head of North American sales at Samsung Ads. Samsung analyzed 21 national brands that strongly focused on linear campaigns, Scott continued, and found those companies were missing 50% of their audience reach.

“The biggest challenge facing marketers today is reaching your specific audience while striking the right balance of reach and frequency,” he said. Samsung recommends companies allocate 40% of their media budget towards streaming – to help maximize reach while minimizing overexposure.

As an update to the company’s FAST service, Samsung announced at NewFronts it’s revamped the user interface for Samsung TV Plus. The UI now offers curated recommendations from over 2,000 apps and 200 streaming channels.

Samsung TV Plus comes pre-installed on over 75 million U.S. devices and doesn’t require a profile setup, according to Sang Kim, SVP of product and marketing at Samsung Electronics.

Not only is Samsung continuing to expand its advertising and streaming arsenal, it’s also tapping into the growing video gaming market. Samsung unveiled its Samsung Gaming Hub will launch later this year. The hub will provide gamers a cloud-based CTV gaming experience, without the hassle of toggling between devices. It will offer a library of games from Samsung’s game studio partners, including Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Google Stadia.