People are streaming twice as much video during COVID-19 crisis: Nielsen

Time spent streaming video from services including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video has more than doubled from where it was one year ago.

Nielsen released streaming video data for the week of March 30 and found that though total time was down slightly from the previous week, it still totaled more than twice what the firm measured during the same period last year.

For the week of March 30, Nielsen measured 161.4 billion total minutes spent streaming video, up from 69.8 billion minutes one year ago. Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Prime Video all maintained similar shares of the total but other services – which likely includes Disney+ and Apple TV+ -- grew their share to 29%, up from 24% one year ago.

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Though total streaming time for the week of March 30 was down from the week of March 23 – which registered 168.7 billion minutes – it was still the second highest total time spent streaming for the past few weeks.

Nielsen also broke down the top 10 SVOD programs for the week of March 16 in terms of total minutes viewed and Netflix claimed the entire list. The streaming giant’s top programs on Nielsen’s list were “All American,” with 1.78 billion minutes viewed; “The Office,” with about 1.44 billion minutes viewed; and “Boss Baby: Back in Business,” with 1.31 billion minutes viewed.

Along with the slight decline in time spent streaming video, Nielsen also measured a slight decline in total TV usage, which for the week of March 30 was down 2% compared to the prior week.