TvScientific unveils CTV ad solution for game developers

TvScientific, an advertising platform built for connected TVs (CTVs), launched today an advertising solution designed for video game publishers and developers. The platform underwent three months of beta-testing, during which its volume of installs went up 80% month-to-month.

TvScientific worked with 15 game developers to create its platform, including AppLovin, Big Fish Games, Rec Room and Wildlife Studios. Game developers can use the platform to match CTV ad exposure to site visitations and outcomes, using deterministic matching. From that data they can create targeted app install ads that can be optimized through tvScientific’s automatic optimization technology.

“We have always wanted to advertise to television audiences because it gives us tremendous reach and allows us to drive brand affinity for our games, but until now we’ve had a difficult time quantifying the effectiveness of the channel,” said Jerome Turnbull, VP of growth at AppLovin, in a statement. “TvScientific gives us the ability to run our video ads across some of the best CTV inventory, while measuring performance and optimizing our campaigns in the same way we optimize in-app, social, or search campaigns.”

Developers can directly access their ad data via the platform, so that their data science teams can connect the dots between ad exposure and game activations. TvScientific’s technology is also available as a self-serve platform for marketers conducting in-house performance TV advertising.

More developers and distributors are aiming to widen their CTV ad reach as smart TVs become more prevalent among consumers. According to Parks Associates, smart TV adoption in homes remained at a consistent 56% rate in 2021, with Samsung, Roku and Amazon among the major players in the CTV market. Despite smart TV’s upward trend, there are advertisers who tend to forego mid-sized CTV/OTT media buys, relying more on established distributors.

Kent Wakeford, co-founder of tvScientific, said CTV advertising represents “the next frontier for game marketing.”

“We set out to take all of the guesswork and complexity out of CTV advertising by providing an extremely simple — yet incredibly powerful — platform that lets game marketers reach television audiences with precision and efficiency,” he said. “As a result, we have transformed TV into a scalable marketing channel that delivers clear, measurable ROI to support the user acquisition goals of game marketers everywhere.”