Comcast’s AudienceXpress unveils customized audience segments for campaigns

Comcast Advertising’s AudienceXpress is bolstering cross-platform advertising, launching a new analytics product that allows marketers to fully tailor audience segments to a campaign.

The offering, which leverages Comcast’s aggregated viewership and ad exposure data across 15 million U.S. households, consists of a few key components. In the planning stage, advertisers can target audiences based on specific viewing habits, such as genres, shows or movies.

The product also consists of mid-campaign optimization, through which AudienceXpress users can access insights to ensure optimal frequency and delivery against key performance indicators, as well as post-campaign measurement, which provides an in-depth look on the entire campaign’s reach, frequency and impressions.

And Comcast data won’t be the only available resource for marketers using AudienceXpress’ product, as they also have the option to integrate their own first-party or licensed third-party data.

In developing the solution, AudienceXpress CRO Katy Loria stated the company took feedback from advertisers to create an offering that addresses their needs.

“Heading into the 2023 upfronts, brands are looking for scale, high-quality premium inventory and real-time, data-driven insights so they can improve the user experience and accurately deliver on business goals,” she said. “We aimed to solve for all of these needs with this new solution and look forward to what it can do for the industry.”

According to Comcast, raising brand awareness is considered a top priority among advertisers. This month, Amagi integrated Mirriad’s AI technology onto its platform to deliver dynamic virtual product placement. The feature boosts brand interaction with audiences on digital platforms, where ad loads are lighter than traditional linear TV. Similarly, retail giant Walmart is using Innovid’s dynamic creative optimization technology for its demand-side platform, helping brands create more personalized and interactive ads for connected TV.

Comcast acquired AudienceXpress in 2015, relaunching the brand last year to enhance focus on “scaled premium TV advertising across screens,” as AudienceXpress Head of Revenue Brian Wallach noted at the time. Comcast also announced last March that FreeWheel Media, part of Comcast’s advanced advertising unit, will be in market under the AudienceXpress brand.

FreeWheel has recently made waves in the advertising space. Havas Media in February selected the company as its preferred supply-side platform partner, and last year FreeWheel struck deals with Fox and Estrella Media to boost direct-sold campaigns and programmatic advertising.