FuboTV touts ad spend growth from Unified ID 2.0 platform

FuboTV today reported favorable ad sales from using Unified ID 2.0, The Trade Desk’s open-source identity framework for advertising campaigns. Since adopting UID 2.0, the virtual MVPD boasted a spend growth rate 112.8% faster than impressions have grown.

UID 2.0 aims to help advertisers deliver targeted ads, while prioritizing consumer privacy and reducing reliance on third-party cookies. In February 2021, Fubo became the first connected TV partner to adopt the platform.

From UID 2.0, Fubo said its advertising spend increased by 61.5% year-over-year, while ad impressions rose 25% in that same period. Campaigns using the identity system saw an increase in ad prices on a cost per thousand (CPM) viewers basis.

Other UID 2.0 partners include AMC Networks, Comscore, Tubi and Xandr.

“As the first CTV partner to adopt Unified ID 2.0, FuboTV is constantly innovating to remain at the forefront of advertising technology for streaming,” stated Chris Flatley, VP of advertising sales at Fubo TV. “The results we’ve achieved since partnering with The Trade Desk on Unified ID 2.0 are a testament to the power of identity-based solutions.”

Further enhancing its advertising strategy, Fubo in August tapped Lynette Kaylor to lead the company’s North American sales and ad operations.

Ash Gangwar, general manager of TV partnerships at The Trade Desk, noted, “As a leader in the CTV space, FuboTV understands the growing importance and benefits of an alternative – identity solution for advertisers, publishers and the consumer."

Privacy-centric ID solutions are hot in the advertising market. Comcast’s FreeWheel in June unveiled identity capabilities that allow advertisers to easily connect first and third-party data to IDs from different sources.

Gangwar added CTV is a proving ground for identity-based ad solutions like UID 2.0, “which are aiming to create a more consistent advertising experience across digital media.”

At NewFronts this year, Fubo’s then-SVP of ad sales Diana Horowitz said CTV advertisers can “target and reach desired audiences with precision in a brand-safe, big-screen environment.”

The vMVPD in May launched enhanced custom audience segments, enabling advertisers to target viewers based on the exact content they watch on a platform, and how often they watch it.

Fubo reiterated the importance of connected TV at its first Investor Day in August, when Chief Product Officer Mike Berkley noted over 94% of all Fubo’s viewing hours come from CTV.