Studio71 teams up with Nielsen to leverage Digital Ad Ratings

Nielsen last week formed a partnership with media production company Studio71, allowing Studio71 to leverage Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) “Always On” measurement across 37 global markets. The technology enables Studio71 to better measure cross-channel networks – including connected TV.

Studio71 works with content creators to sell unsold ad inventory. The company also distributes original content that’s published on its own channels as well as with over 1,800 partnered creator channels.

Having Nielsen’s “Always On” measurement gives Studio71 access to more impressions data and helps eliminate advertising waste, according to Tariq Abouddafar, SVP of ad platform operations at Studio71.

"Nielsen's 'Always On' DAR integration gives us the ability to continuously analyze and optimize demographic pockets within our ad inventory, and in turn we can more effectively use that data for media planning and targeting," he said in a statement.

A number of distributors are tapping into Nielsen DAR. Tubi last month integrated DAR to better understand the demographic and interest-based attributes of its audience. Roku acquired Nielsen’s advanced video advertising last year, and has since then launched DAR onto its OneView ad-buying platform.

"Enabling 'Always On' measurement is critical for publishers because it expands visibility into their entire portfolio performance, leveraging data to drive more efficient media plans and, ultimately, a higher return on investment,” said Kim Gilberti, SVP of product management at Nielsen, in a statement.

Studio71’s access to DAR may prove beneficial as Nielsen continues to focus on impressions-based measurement. Nielsen recently inked a deal with Vizio to leverage the data of about 20 million connected TVs in the U.S., enhancing both Nielsen’s local and national audience measurement solutions.

Nielsen may also be doubling down on partnerships to retain its foothold in the audience measurement field, after losing its industry accreditations in September. The company was one of several partners supporting Roku’s launch of media mix modeling into its ad measurement program.