Comcast's FreeWheel, Comscore team up to boost contextual targeted ads

FreeWheel, Comcast’s advanced advertising unit, is leveraging Comscore audience data for Beeswax, FreeWheel’s demand-side platform – helping media buyers enhance their contextual targeted ads.

Ad buyers using Beeswax can now access Comscore’s Predictive Audiences and connected TV brand protection offerings. Predictive Audiences lets advertisers tap into granular consumer data – without the use of cookies – across digital, mobile and CTV platforms.

While brand protection allows buyers to customize their campaigns with brand safety filters, avoiding negative associations.

These integrations, according to FreeWheel and Comscore, will enhance contextual targeting capabilities for advertisers, helping them reach viewers in a privacy-forward manner. Beeswax’s upgrades also aim to make programmatic CTV buying a more scalable and effective experience, FreeWheel Chief Strategy Officer Soo Jin Oh noted.

“Comscore has the technology, profile data, and scale that Beeswax clients need to target their audiences within relevant content on premium CTV inventory,” Oh said in a statement. “With these capabilities built directly into the Beeswax platform, it’s now easier than ever for buyers to connect with their desired audiences in a brand safe environment.”

Oh, who just became FreeWheel’s new CSO, is tasked with boosting FreeWheel’s business operations within the advertising ecosystem.

Beeswax, which FreeWheel acquired in December 2020, boasts programmatic ad capabilities through a Bidder-as-a-Service customizable stack. Last November, FreeWheel fully integrated Beeswax’s bidding technology into its platform.

FreeWheel is leveraging its advanced advertising arsenal to address fragmentation. In June it launched new identity capabilities for advertisers to easily connect first and third-party user data.

“In today’s landscape, the industry calls for a cohesive way for advertisers to reach their target audiences at scale across all screens,” stated Rachel Gantz, general manager of activation solutions at Comscore.

“We are confident that with FreeWheel’s state-of-the-art technology and Comscore’s innovative CTV brand safety and unique-to-market Predictive Audiences, we will both be able to better support our clients in achieving campaign KPIs,” she added.

Comscore, an emerging player in the alternative measurement currency space, is building up its local and national audience data. CEO Jon Carpenter in August said he thinks Comscore is “uniquely positioned” to succeed in cross-platform measurement.

Fox recently tapped Comscore to provide local metrics for Fox’s owned and operated TV stations.

In other advanced advertising news, Roku and Nielsen are partnering to create four-screen deduplication technology, which aims to reduce ad redundancy across traditional TV, CTV, desktop and mobile.