Comscore integrates Roku data into campaign measurement product

Analytics firm Comscore announced this week it has integrated streaming platform Roku into its Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR) product.

The integration means Comscore is now an approved measurement vendor through the Roku Measurement Partner Program, which aims to better help marketers evaluate the effectiveness of their campaign across the streaming landscape.

On Thursday, Comscore officials said Roku has around 38% of domestic streaming TV hours, which includes a 16% increase in Americans picking Roku devices to stream video between last year and this year.

By integrating Roku into Comscore Campaign Ratings, marketers will be better able to track the effectiveness of their campaigns against Roku, desktop and mobile platforms and mobile devices, officials said in a blog post.

"The Roku-Comscore integration will also allow agencies and advertisers to survey audiences exposed on Roku by leveraging Comscore’s Brand Survey Lift (BSL) solution for evaluating ad spend impact on attitudinal brand measures such as awareness, favorability and intent," executives said.

The company used a recent example where Comscore evaluated six campaigns across four different verticals — including retail, automotive, consumer packaged goods and real estate, which accounted for more than 62 million ads that were delivered through Roku devices.

"Viewers on Roku saw these ads an average of 3.6 times per campaign amongst the target audience, compared to 11.4 times on linear TV," the company affirmed. "Co-viewing on Roku drove +37% lift across the 6 campaigns."

Comscore said the move enables agencies and advertisers to access Roku-specific co-viewing data. Advertisers can quantify the number of people watching the screen, not just the household.

The partnership between Roku and Comscore could help bring in more ad buyers who want more-granular measurements across streaming and television. It also comes at a time when Roku has increased its focus and investments in its platform-based business, which brought in more than $743.8 million in revenue during Q2 2022.

Last month, a report from ad platform Beachfront said Roku devices accounted for around 39% share of connected TV ad impressions during the first half of 2023, followed by Amazon's Fire TV platform with around 16% share.