EDO, Netflix strike measurement pact as ad tier reaches 5M MAUs

EDO on Wednesday touted a partnership with Netflix to measure advertising outcomes for the streamer’s nascent advertising business, as it disclosed monthly active users on the plan with ads have reached around 5 million.

As reported widely by news media, Netflix during its inaugural Upfront presentation yesterday said the Netflix with Ads plan, which launched last November, now has nearly 5 million global MAUs with a median age of 34. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company said its subscriber base for the plan with ads “more than doubled” since early 2023. Shares of Netflix jumped more than 10% on Thursday following news of the MAU count and disclosure that more than 25% of new signups are on the plan with ads. Globally Netflix ended March with 233 million total paid subscribers, including around 74.3 million in the U.S. and Canada.

And as its advertising business expands Netflix is pulling in partners, including EDO.  The measurement company said Netflix will use the vendor’s predictive behavioral outcomes data to offer proof-of-performance insights for advertisers, shedding light on how marketers’ in-flight campaigns perform on the streaming service compared to YouTube, other OTT apps and linear TV.

In what EDO is calling an industry-first, the partners plan to deploy third-party measurement “leveraging a privacy-safe micro-cohort model.”

Kevin Krim, president and CEO at EDO, in a statement said optimizers will be able to reach target audiences while optimizing in-flight campaigns.

“Netflix has built a team of top-notch industry talent leading their ad business, so it’s not surprising that  they have an incredibly strong understanding of how behavioral outcomes data can help drive advertisers’ market share, and drive them further down the funnel of consumer interest and intent,” stated Krim. “This data-driven partnership will enable Netflix to demonstrate its ability to drive engagement, and advertisers to optimize in-flight campaigns to reach target audiences effectively.”

EDO also highlighted comments made by Peter Naylor, Netflix VP of Global Ad Sales, on stage where he cited EDO data that illustrated consumer engagement on the platform.

“While it’s early days, we found that viewers were more than four times as likely to respond to an ad on Netflix compared to other streaming platforms. And not surprisingly, four-and-a-half times as compared to linear TV,” Naylor said. “Our goal is to understand how engaged reach affects how viewers respond to ads.”

Netflix marks the latest major convergent TV measurement win for EDO. In January Disney tapped the vendor for its engagement metrics to measure the impact of ad campaigns across the company’s streaming footprint, including Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+.

Separately, on Thursday, Integral Ad Science – a vendor working with Netflix to verify viewability and traffic validity of ads on service – secured what it says is the industry’s first accreditation from the Media Rating Council for connected TV viewable impressions. IAS’ MRC accreditation includes measurement of video-tracked ads, impressions and related viewability metrics, including general invalid traffic detection on CTV.