Discovery picks data measurement company Edo to spearhead ad campaign strategy

Discovery has selected data analytics company Edo as its preferred behavior measurement partner for ad campaign impressions. The media company will use Edo’s Ad EnGage Convergent platform to measure consumer interest and intent during the 2022-23 upfront season.

Edo will input its Search Engagement data into Discovery’s proprietary advertising solution, Discovery Engage. That data can then inform and optimize media plans for Discovery advertisers, allowing clients to plan and optimize ad campaigns beyond basic demographic targets or audience segments.

Edo will also provide key performance measures of branded short-form custom content, sponsorships and integrations across Discovery’s networks.

Discovery is building up its advertising arsenal, having signed on in February with Canoe Ventures, an addressable TV advertising company. Canoe is helping Discovery, along with media stalwarts like AMC Networks, expand its advertising footprint by providing enablement and ongoing campaign service assurance.

Jon Steinlauf, chief U.S. ad sales officer at Discovery, said in a statement the company's partnership with Edo offers Discovery clients more reliable and predictive behavioral measurement data.

“Edo is a trusted and strategic data insights partner offering solutions that will supplement Discovery’s already impressive measurement toolkit that provides clients with an unmatched ability to understand their audience,” he said.

Edo scored $80 million in funding this week from Shamrock Capital, which will enable the data measuring company to expand its business amid a growing landscape for consumer behavior and media measurement.

“The era of single-currency television advertising is over, and marketers must now use multiple premium video currencies to determine the effectiveness and value of their ads,” said Kevin Krim, president and CEO of Edo. “By leveraging our actionable data and insights during the 2022 upfronts, Discovery is in a great position to create optimized plans and drive impact for their advertisers across the rich and diverse Discovery programming portfolio.”

Edo’s data insights also allow Discovery to showcase its Discovery Premiere cross-platform sales package. The platform touts big brand name clients like Capital One, Expedia and Panera Bread.

Discovery commissioned 556 first-run TV titles in 2021, according to research from Ampere Analysis. It's shaping itself to be one of the top legacy media companies heading into this year, as Discovery finalizes its merger with WarnerMedia.